This blog will not become my bread machine.

As I get ready to embark on my first personal blogging adventure, I had a chance to look through a number of friends’ blogs that WordPress found for me. Wow! So many people I know sharing their humor and wisdom with the world. Or so it seemed.

As I scrolled through the list and clicked on each blog, I discovered the list was populated with creatively themed blogs started in a flurry of inspiration, but most were abandoned soon after they were launched. It reminds me of those bread machines we all begged for in the mid-90s… it’s oh-so-easy to start the new year with a grand plan and great expectations, but it’s not long before our best intentions are shelved and gathering dust.

My hope, my grand plan, my intention for 2013 is to not shove this blog to the back of the cupboard, but instead to make it my favorite utility tool. It will be a weekly report card of sorts, sharing with you the fun stuff I’m still learning. Sometimes it’ll be my personal coach, dragging me off the couch to get up and DO something (so that I can share it with you, of course). Occasionally I expect it’ll be my “Phone A Friend” lifeline, when Google just won’t do to answer my questions and I need to call on your wisdom.

But more than anything, I hope this blog is entertaining and engaging—if not for you, then for me. I want to get a hell of a lot more out of this investment than I did that bread machine.

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