Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day April 2013

Happy GBBD!

It’s springtime here in Seattle, which means the weather is the grab-baggiest time of year. Sunshine and temperatures in the high 60s tempt us outside for one glorious weekend, and the next week torments us with rain, hail, thunderstorms and wind. You know you live in the maritime Northwest if a forecast that promises “rain turning to showers” sounds like a win. As a weather opportunist, I feel no shame admitting that, although Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day is on the 15th of each month, I snapped these photos during one of Seattle’s holy “sun breaks” on Sunday, April 14th. (Click on the thumbnails for a closer look.)

Hanging on from last month are the hyacinth, hellebore and daphne blooms. So far these pink lily-flowered tulips are the only tulips to flash their colors in my garden. Although their buds were still closed up tight during Saturday’s rain storm, by Sunday morning they looked like how I felt: wide smile on a face pointed up gratefully at the sun.

Last fall I planted several bleeding hearts in my new shade garden in the backyard. Two have bloomed so far, although they’re still quite small.

My newest shrubs are two camellia japonicas that will be planted in the front beds, on each side of my porch steps. Nuccio’s Pearl has an incredibly beautiful, perfect bloom — white with a pink blush. I love, love, love it.

Both my shinseiki and nijisseiki pear trees are flowering now. I lost all the leaves last year to rust, so I’ll need to keep a close eye on them this year. The blossoms are  gorgeous.

Last weekend I took a trip to the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island with my neighbor. I didn’t take any photos because it was dumping rain, but I did bring home a souvenir. They were hosting their annual plant sale, and I picked up this funky rhodie for a song. The grower said it is a 10-year-old unknown campanulatum hybrid. “Only the bee knows who the father is,” he said. I loved it for its sculptural growth habit, and the cotton candy pink flower. (By the way, Bloedel was a breathtaking place, even in the rain. You should go.)

So, that’s it for this month’s Bloom Day. Be sure to visit Carol’s blog at May Dream Gardens to see what’s blooming today in gardens around the world!

7 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day April 2013

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  2. Happy GBBD! You have such a nice palette going on in your spring garden. Was it a conscious effort for the reds, blushes, pinks, and whites? Very pretty.

    • Thanks, Jane! Happy GBBD to you as well. Yes, my flower choices are very deliberate both in color and form. The palette is white, pink, red and dark purple. Plus, everything is pretty “organized”, like me. Not rigid or formal… just not wild. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. As a fellow PNW gardener, I could so relate to your descriptions of holy ‘sun breaks’. I know we need the rain, but I do wish the sunbreaks could be longers. Wishing you a Happy GBBD! Cheers, Jenni

    • Hi, Jenni! I’m not sure what part of the PNW you’re in, but here in Seattle we’re having a rare sun break right now… Quick! Run outside and get your fingernails dirty.

  4. I love your camellia. I planted a small one a few years ago but it is stuck and hasn’t bloomed. 😦 Where did you get yours? I live in the Seattle area as well.

    • Thanks! I just bought them and they came with the blooms, so I have no idea how they’ll fare after a year in the ground… but I have high hopes. My friend and garden designer purchased them for me, wholesale. One came from Plants Northwest and the other from Vibrant Plants — both in Woodinville. They were both the last ones of their size (10#) at each nursery, and we were told they wouldn’t be getting any more this season.

      Did you try digging up your camellia and looking at the root ball? If it’s not sick, maybe you could try another location?

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