Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day Nov 2016

Wow, it’s been a little while since I last blogged. Yikes. But as I was out getting the garden ready for winter today, I couldn’t believe how much color there was still to enjoy. Some are blooms we expect this time of year, but many are summer hold-overs. I decided the best way to capture the moment was to share it with you on GBBD. Here’s what’s happening today in my West Seattle garden (USA zone 8b).

Most of my fuchsias have stopped blooming for the season, but a few are still going like gangbusters. Clockwise from top left: Black Cherry, Double Otta, Hawkshead, Claire de Lune, and Paula Jane.

I am also surprised to still see a few weigela blooms this month. Left to right you’ll find Carnaval, which features red, pink and white blooms all on a single shrub, and French Lace, which has a lovely variegated green leaf with chartreuse margins.

I’m a relatively new gardener and just added penstemon to my collection this year. Do they normally flower into November in the Pacific Northwest? I love them, and will be adding more next year. Left to right: Blackbird and Grape Taffy. I also have Dark Towers, but the last bloom blew off recently in a windstorm.

My escallonias are enjoying a late second flush of blooms. The light pink blooms belong to Pink Princess, and the dark pink are on Brian’s Gold, which has a bright chartreuse leaf. These are new to my garden within the last year, and I’m so glad I added them.

These little yellow daisy-like flowers are still thriving! I can’t remember their names… I don’t usually spend money on annuals, but I bought three 3″ pots on a whim. They were just so darling and cheery. Each of the plants is now about 2-1/2′ across(!) and absolutely loaded with sunny blooms.


There’s these cute little baby’s breath-type buds on the eupatorium rugosum ‘Chocolate’ (left) and persicaria ‘Chocolate Dragon’. Hm. I’m sensing a theme there. And my sweet tooth is aching.

This hebe ‘Johnny Day’ seems to be blooming late, too.


OK, so now for the color I would expect to be seeing in November. Clockwise from upper left: heuchera and heather (can’t remember what type), sedum ‘Autumn Joy’, camellia sasanqua ‘Setsugekka’, Snowberry ‘Mother of Pearl’, the berries of viburnum ‘Brandywine’, camellia ‘Chansonette,’ and the not-yet-open buds of pieris japonica ‘Valley Valentine’.

What would winter be without pansies and violas? I have these in pots on my front porch, out of the rain. Hopefully, they’ll last until my spring bulbs poke their heads up.

And finally, I know this isn’t a bloom, but doggone it, I love the color of this smokebush ‘Royal Purple’!


Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to spend a little time at May Dreams Gardens to peek in other beautiful gardens around the world. What’s blooming in your garden today?

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